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NEW D.A.V. Electronics Exclusive!!!
NEW R.A.V. Camera System

The Remote Area Viewer Camera System, or R.A.V. for short, revolutionizes how remote area viewing and image collection are done.  With the R.A.V. system, you will never again have to climb a dangerous ladder or put yourself in possible danger when trying to view or take pictures of a remote area.  The R.A.V. system uses a Sony camera set up over an Ad-Hock network and works with all smart phones, including the iPhone.  Simply download the free app in the Android Marketplace or Apple App Store to any compatible device and connect the camera.  Extend the fiberglass/aluminum pole and you can remotely zoom, adjust picture settings and take pictures of any hard to access areas. 

The R.A.V. is ideal for all inspection situations including insurance damage estimating, home inspection, pest control and environmental inspection. Imagine never having to get a ladder out to climb a roof? Not having to pay for expensive eagle views of damaged roofs and other areas of a home or business.  You stay safely on the ground while the R.A.V. system sits atop a 24 foot pole.  Since the whole system weights in at only 2 lbs, you can easily hold the pole over your head giving you an additional 6-7 feet of height.  The convenient phone holder allows you to operate the pole with both hands while viewing the feed from the camera. 

Shorter extension poles are available and are great for home inspections, attics, crawl spaces, or any hard to get to areas.

Save time on the job!  No more setting up ladders.  Easily walk around when unit is fully extended.

Save money with lower insurance liability costs, since you don't have to get on a roof.

Capture eagle views that are impossible with any ladder.

10X Optical zoom (DSC-QX10 model)

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