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Sound To Light Module that will allow you to connect up to 25 of our 12Volt LED's and have them dance to the beat of your car stereo. For upgraded sound systems only!

Product Description 

D.A.V. Electronics has just developed the SOUND ACTIVATED technology that will allow your LED's  to dance to the beat of your cars stereo.  Our LED Control Module is designed for use with our 12 volt LED's, and allows you to connect up to 25 LED's to make them turn on and off to any music.  Our LED Control Module features a switch for two modes of operation:  ON and SOUND ACTIVATED.   With the switch in the ON position, your 12 volt LED's will turn on and stay continuously lit.  In the SOUND ACTIVATED mode, your LED's will illuminate to the beat of the music in your car. The Module also has an adjustment knob that allows you to vary the sensitivity level that you want the LED's to activate.  Use our LED Control Module on your car, or truck,  anywhere you can hook up to 12volts DC.

This system is designed to operate best with a upgraded sound system, such as one with a sub woofer or speakers with good bass.  Please note that the clearer and harder the bass, the brighter and clearer the LED illumination will be.  Simple three wire hook up eases installation and it's small package size allows you to mount it almost anywhere.  Detailed installation instructions are included with purchase.  As an added benefit, our module employs a built in microphone, unlike systems sold elsewhere, so you don't have to have a direct connection to the output of your stereo.  This benefit allows for much easier installation than systems sold elsewhere.

Key Benefits

  • Give your vehicle that custom look.
  • Control up to 25 LED's.
  • Easy Installation 3 wire hook up.
  • Mounting Instructions included.

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