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LED Sequencer. Wire ten of our 12Volt LED's. Have them sequence back and forth, or light exponentially. (LED's must be purchased separately, not included)

LED Sequencer

Give your car that futuristic " Knight Rider " sequencing lighting effect.  Our LED Sequencer allows you to wire up to 20 LED's* and offers you two modes of operation:  Chasing and Sequential lighting.  The Chasing mode of operation causes one LED to light at a time, giving the light a chasing appearance lighting back and forth.  The Sequential mode of operation causes the LED's to light up in sequential order till they are all lit.  Once all the LED's are lit, they sequence backwards until they are all off. 

Our LED Sequencer offers a switch to change from Chasing, to Sequential Modes of operation.  It also has an adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the speed that the LED's execute either modes of operation.

We have designed our LED Sequencer to allow for simple installation.   It's the easiest installation available anywhere!!!   Installation is as simple as connecting the controller to 12volts and ground then connect the LED's to our NEW Screw Down Terminal Board.  We even give you 3ft of power and ground wire to wire the sequencer to the electrical system.   Then just insert the Ground wire of the LED into it's respective terminal and screw it down.  Then insert the red wire of the LED into the screw terminal labeled LED PWR.  Then simply plug in the connector at the end of the 3ft ribbon cable in to the Screw Down Terminal Board and your DONE!!!!!    We have the easiest installation available!   All screw terminals are clearly labeled 1-10 so you get it right the first time.  Finally, mount the case anywhere that will give you access to the adjustment knob and your done.   Detailed installation instructions are included, as well as suggested wiring diagrams.

Our LED Sequencer will work on any car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, or anything that has a 12 volt DC positive voltage source.  The best part is that you have ELEVEN colors to choose from for use with your LED Sequencer...use your favorite colors, the colors of your school, your favorite sports team, or match your colors to your vehicle's interior.  Our LED Sequencer is specifically designed to operate with D.A.V. Electronics 12Volt LED's.  Use of other LED's may cause damage to unit!

*Unit can control up to 20 LED's by hooking up two LED's per wire.  Or 10 LED's can be used by hooking one up to each wire.
* Also if you connect 20 LED's to unit you may need to combine some of the  red LED power wires into a single wire to fit in the 2 screw down terminals designated for the LED power. 


Key Benefits

  • Give your vehicle a custom look

  • Easy hook up with our NEW Screw Down Terminal Board

  • 10 LED colors available to match your interior
  • Control up to 20 LED's*
  • Mounting Instructions included

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