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Load Resistor use to correct turn signal flash rate and operation when using LED's. *LED's sold separately.*

Product Description 

This 10 Watt load resistors will solve LED related turn signal problems such as fast flashing, no flashing or burnt out bulb indications.  The reason why most turn signal flashers will not work with LED's is because LED's do not generate the resistance necessary to activate a turn signal flasher.  Our 10 Watt load resistor fixes this problem by providing the resistance usually generated by the filament of a glass filament bulb.  One resistor is required for each turn signal bulb.  Load resistor Includes two 6 inch wire leads, and two tap splices that allow for easy installation without cutting into the wiring harness.  Also unlike other companies our load resistors are precision made and feature a fined outer aluminum body to assist in the dissipation of heat.  They also feature two mounting tabs to allow for more secured mounting.  This load resistor is a must when converting your stock turn signals to LED bulbs.

Please note:  Load resistor will get very hot when in use.  Do not mount the load resistor on any plastic, or heat sensitive material.

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