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5mm Dual Color LED accent light comes with black nylon mounting clip and 6in wire leads. Water clear bulb when off. Available in 12-Volt, 9-Volt, and 6-Volt.

Product Description 

These LED's are designed to work on any 12 volt positive DC electrical system.  Because they are light emitting diodes, they don't get hot like regular incandescent lamps.  They also use considerably less power, only 0.02 amps per LED, so you can use more of them without fear of putting a strain on your electrical system.  Use them to dress up your vehicle and make your car stand out.  Installation consists of a three wire hook up...Just connect the black wire to ground.  When power is applied to the red wire the LED lights up red.  When power is applied to the blue wire the LED lights up blue.  When power is applied to both the red and blue wires the LED lights up violet.  The possibilities are endless with these lights.  These LED's also come with mounting clips for easy installation with a clean professional look...Just drill a 1/4 inch hole in any material up to 1/8 inch thick and pop in the clip, then push the LED up from the bottom and your done.  These LED's are sold elsewhere in excess of $10 per LED!! 

Key Benefits

  • Comes with Mounting Clip
  • Three Colors in One LED Red, Blue, Violet
  • Easy Installation


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