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1 Single 5mm LED NO RESISTOR

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5MM Type T-1 3/4 LED's. These are the same LED's that we use in all our D.A.V. Electronics LED products. Please note that this item is just the LED WITHOUT any wire or resistors attached. CONNECTING THESE LED'S TO A VOLTAGE SOURCE WITHOUT A CURRENT LIMITING RESISTOR WILL RESULT IN LED FAILURE!!!

For orders over 1000 LED's please allow an extra 3-5 days for shipment. 

Available colors:

Red (Clear Lens) 4,000MCD's
Red Orange (Clear Lens) 15,000MCD's
Orange (Clear Lens) 5,000MCD's
Amber (Clear Lens) 5,000MCD's
Pure Green (Clear Lens) 10,000MCD's
Ocean Green (Clear Lens) 10,000MCD's
Blue (Clear Lens) 10,000MCD's
Violet (Clear Lens) 3,000MCD's
Purple/UV (Clear Lens) 25mW's
Pink (Clear Lens) 4,000MCD's
White (Clear Lens) 15,000MCD's
RGB (Clear Lens) 5,000MCD's (Color Changing)

Key Benefits

  • Bulk Pricing
  • 11 Color Choices.
  • Make your own LED bulbs
  • Long Life over 11 years of use.

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