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Single 12mm Chrome Bezel 12mm Chrome Plastic Mounting Bezels. These bezels come with a custom circuit board with three 5mm LED's mounded on them, and three 6in leads. They Also feature circuitry for dual intensities.

Product Description 

BRAND NEW MOUNTING OPTION:  12mm Chrome Bezels These bezels are great for mounting in Chrome bumpers or anywhere in any material.  These 12mm bezels also come with a custom circuit board that uses three of our 5mm LED's to give you plenty of light output.  These LED's are designed to work on any 12 DC positive voltage electrical system.  Use them to dress up your vehicle, make your own custom designs, and make your car stand out!  For use on Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Motorcycles, Computers…the possibilities are endless!  A unique alternative to traditional neon tubes!!!

Because they are light emitting diodes, they don't get hot like regular incandescent lamps.  They also use considerably less power, so you can use more of them without fear of putting a strain on your electrical system.  Use them to dress up your vehicle and make your car stand out.  Installation consists of a two or three wire hook up...Just connect the red wire to any 12 DC positive voltage source and the black wire to ground.  You also have the option of connecting the third wire to another 12 volt source for a dual intensity setup.  This dual intensity design lets you use our 12mm bezels as brake/turn signals, and running/brakes lights.  The possibilities are endless with these lights.  These LED's are sold elsewhere in excess of $25 per LED with these mounting bezels!! 


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