Electro Luminescence Tubing

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EL Lighting Kit

Electro Luminescence Tubing, or EL for short, has many unique features and benefits that make it ideal for interior accent lighting for your vehicle. It makes a great alternative to neon tubes. Neon tubes are made of glass, brake easily and don't allow you any flexibility. EL tubing, on the other hand, gives you the same light output and look of neon, but EL tubing is plastic so it is durable, doesn't generate heat, and can be bent to conform to almost any shape. Also, unlike glass neon tubes, EL tubing can be cut to any length with scissors, allowing you to customize the length to your specific need!

This EL lighting kit comes complete with 6 feet of EL tube that can be cut to any length and available in your choice of five colors, one sound activated 12 volt EL inverter that has two modes of operation, plus eight clear mounting clips.

The three position switch on the inverter allows you to turn the EL tubing on, off, and sound activated mode that will make the EL tubing light up to any sound or music. The built in microphone and sensitivity switch allow you to use this sound activated EL inverter in any application at almost any sound level. This kit also has eight mounting clips for the EL tubing. The clear clips have application tape on the backs so simply adhere the clear plastic mounting clip to any surface and then just snap in the tubing. The clear clips will hold the tubing securely in place. This EL tubing is 3.2mm in diameter so it is great for tight applications, and it's even glow makes it the perfect accent lighting.

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