Brake Upgrade

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Brake Upgrade
9-17-04 UPDATE:  Drilled & slotted brake rotors 

In an effort to improve the braking performance of our 1995 Trans Am, and also because the old brake rotors and calipers stick out like a sore thumb with the chrome ZR1 rims, we decided to replace the stock brake rotors with a full set of zinc coated CNC machined cross drilled and slotted brake rotors.  While we were at it, we painted the calipers and brake hardware.  Now I know that some of you may be questioning the color, but this vehicle is my fiancés, so it's her call when it comes to color choice.  With that said, here is the install.

We first started by removing the calipers and then the old stock brake rotors.  Then we cleaned the surfaces to be painted with brake cleaner and then lacquer thinner.  We followed that up by wiring brushing and sanding every surface that was going to be painted.  Then we whet over everything with lacquer thinner again to insure that we removed anything that would inhibit the adhering of the primer and base coat.  This step of cleaning and re-cleaning  the surfaces to remove all the dirt, grease, and brake fluid is crucial.  Not completing that step is usually the reason why so many brake painting projects go bad.   Once all surfaces were fully prepped, and everything that wasn't supposed to be pink was taped off, we applied two primer layers of flat white.  Once the primer had dried, we sanded them with 220 grit sand paper.  Then we began to apply the four base coats of pink.  We used four coat to ensure full coverage.  Once the base coats had dried we then applied three coats of clear.  We allowed the paint to fully cure for a full day before reassembling the brakes. 

The rotors that we acquired are direct replacements for the stock rotors, and require no modifications to the stock brake set up.  They installed just as easily as a set of stock rotors.  The only difference was the strict break in procedure required to remove the zinc coating from the braking surface.   We finished up the install with a brand new set of performance brake pads.  Now the Trans Am's braking performance is a night and day difference.

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