About Us

D.A.V. Electronics LLC

PO Box 802
Atco, NJ US

D.A.V. Electronics is a primarily web-based business. It was started in 2005 and since D.A.V. Electronics has become an innovator in the area of LED lighting research and development. Our products can be found in use in countries all over the world!

D.A.V. Electronics specializes in providing the highest quality performance upgrades for your vehicle. We have developed many specialty products for 3rd and 4th generation Camaro's and Firebird's, but most of our products can be used on any vehicle. We pride ourselves in giving our customers the best products for the best value.

We design, fabricate and assemble all of our products on site. That includes all of the circuit boards for our designs. This means that most of the products that we carry can not be found elsewhere. To insure quality, we assemble, inspect and test all of our products before shipping them out to the customer.

Need help or have a question? Contact us using the contact form or email us at sales@dav-electronics.com

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